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Current Listings

1124 Sheltered Brook Dr, Huron, OH
115 Marion, Huron, OH
2109 Neill Dr, Sandusky, OH
2109 Neill Dr, Sandusky, OH
2516 Campbell Street, Sandusky, OH
320 Scheid Road, Sandusky, OH
3614 Turfside Circle, Huron, OH
402 Cedar Brook Lane, Sandusky, OH
413 Munsee Place, Huron, OH
420 1507 Cleveland Road E, Huron, OH
4571 E Forest Glen Lane, Marblehead, OH
503 Mariner, Huron, OH
50A 6544 E Bayshore Drive, Marblehead, OH
510 Birchwood Drive, Sandusky, OH

Sold Listings

107 Cincinnati, Huron, Ohio
1138 Sommerset Lane, Huron, OH
1142 Sommerset Drive, Huron, OH
116 Gildona Dr, Sandusky, OH
1201 Hollyrood Rd, Sandusky, Ohio
1201 Hollyrood Rd, Sandusky, Ohio
1205 W. Larchmont, Sandusky, Ohio
1208 Sprowl Rd, Huron, Ohio
1221 Chalet Drive, Sandusky, OH
1226 Brookview Dr, Huron, OH
1237 Alpine Dr, Sandusky, Ohio
1308 Vine St, Sandusky, OH
1361 Cleveland Rd. #D, Huron, Ohio
1361 Cleveland Rd. #D, Huron, Ohio
1403 Julianne Circle, Sandusky, Ohio
1509 Lindsley, Sandusky, OH
1525 County Rd. 288, Bellevue, Ohio
1929 W Monroe Street, Sandusky, OH
213 Canton Ave, Huron, OH
215 Atwood Place, Huron, Ohio
2211 WESTWIND, Sandusky, OH
2402 Rye Beach Rd, Huron, OH
2821 Pease Lane, Sandusky, OH
2823 Sunset Lane, Sandusky, OH
2909 Hinde Ave, Sandusky, OH
2909 Sunset Lane, Sandusky, OH
3003 E Bayview Ln, Sandusky, OH
3015 W. Monroe St, Sandusky, Ohio
312 Forest Hills Dr, Huron, OH
315 Williams St, Huron, OH
3313 Harvest Ridge, Huron, Ohio
3313 Harvest Ridge, Huron, Ohio
3401 Perkins, Sandusky, Ohio
3401 Perkins, Sandusky, Ohio
3413 E Perkins Avenue, Huron, OH
3517 Jeannette Drive, Sandusky, Ohio
3716 Harris Road, Sandusky, OH
3800 Boardwalk Bl, Sandusky, Ohio
422 E Lucas Street, Castalia, OH
4516 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio
4817 Delematre Rd., Monroeville, Ohio
4924 Birkdale Dr, Commerce Twp, MI
5010 Columbus Ave, Sandusky, Ohio
506 Heron Drive, Huron, OH
509 Meadow Ln, Sandusky, Ohio
509 Snowy Egret Drive, Huron, OH
513 Marshall, Sandusky, OH
521 Snowy Egret, Huron, Ohio
539 Berlin Rd., Huron, Ohio
547 Wilder Drive, Huron, OH
614 Wood Duck, Huron, OH
630 E Washington St, Sandusky, OH
7 Amber Way, Norwalk, OH
711 S Oakhurst Court, Huron, OH
711 S Oakhurst Ct, Huron, Ohio
717 Buckeye Ln, Sandusky, Ohio
728 SE Tallmadge Avenue, Palm Bay, Florida
736 Kelley Lane, Sandusky, OH
802 Buckeye Ln, Sandusky, Ohio
807 Buckeye Lane, Sandusky, Ohio
807 W Adams St, Sandusky, OH
815 Buckeye Lane, Sandusky, OH
825 Salem Drive, Huron, OH
825 Salem Drive, Huron, OH
912 Warren St, Sandusky, OH
925 Glenview Dr, Huron, OH
927 Hidden Valley Drive, Huron, Ohio
Buckeye Ln, Sandusky, Ohio
Buckeye Ln, Sandusky, Ohio
E Perkins Avenue, Sandusky, OH
Lot # 10 Willow Creek
Lot # 3 Willow Creek
Lot # 4 Willow Creek
Lot #2 Willow Creek
Lot 5 Bayfield Drd, Huron, Ohio
Lot 76 lot 131 Erie Road, Kelleys Island, Ohio
Norbert Place, Sandusky, OH

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